Oh beer, you are awesome-licious!  This mantra was sustained by my visit to a great Barleys Angels event last night at the wonderful D’Arcy McGee’s, downtown Ottawa.  The group aims to give women a social evening of the enjoyment of craft beers from an assortment of brew establishments in the area. Yep, women hanging out drinking beer.  

There is a bit of an educational component to it (sometimes).  Last night we had the pub manager, Jeff, talk us through some beer tasting notes.  The glasses we sipped were brewed for summer and had various tropical flavours and aromas.   

  I found myself sniffing and saying intelligent things like “I detect notes of grapefruit with a hint of mango!  Excellent smooth taste with a soft finish….. *Giggle* I got lemon up my nose!”  So yes, I am learning more beer stuff but having just as much fun getting to know the cool, eclectic crew that comes out to these event.  

Thanks Barley’s Angels!  That heavenly nectar and was devine. Cheers to the next event!